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Vikings and Valkyries: 10 Fantasy Recommendations Inspired by Norse Myth

Norse myth and culture have long been an influence on the fantasy genre. Authors continue to interpret and subvert the tropes of Norse fantasy in a multitude of new and interesting ways. This list of ten Norse-inspired fantasy recommendations shows the variety and depth modern writers are bringing to this ancient tradition.


  1. Norse Mythology, Neil […]
2021-03-02T11:36:31-08:00March 2nd, 2021|

“Career One Stop” for Job Search Tools and Worker Reemployment

Are you looking for a new job or seeking to re-enter the workforce after a layoff? Don’t know where to begin, or what resources are available to help you?

The Santa Clarita Library website can be a starting place for career resources.

Through the library’s website, you can access Career One Stop in the “Career Resources” section. […]

2020-12-09T13:45:04-08:00December 9th, 2020|

Access E-books and Audiobooks Using Libby

Did you know that your library card offers access to thousands of e-books and e-audiobooks? All you need is a library card, a computer, smart phone, or tablet to access materials instantly. The best part? You can access these items 24/7. If you don’t have a library card, you can sign up for Libby using […]

2020-11-23T11:37:20-08:00November 24th, 2020|

Worlds of Whimsy November Book Club Review: Finna by Nino Cipri

Finna by Nino Cipri

In the world of soul crushing retail jobs, working at a big box furniture store is the pits. To top it off, our main character has just suffered a break up with a fellow employee; but it should be fine they both work different […]

2020-11-09T11:15:36-08:00November 9th, 2020|