Employment Resources: Job Search Tools, Virtual Interviews, and Working Remotely

There are many benefits to working remotely. According to, a job search website, "With flexibility and a variety of career options, online jobs are more popular than ever. Employers are beginning to notice the benefits of increased production and morale, leading to more opportunities for online work-from-home jobs and [...]

Review: The Queen’s Gambit Movie & Book

Without giving out too much detail, The Queen's Gambit revolves around a girl's journey as she learns Chess, master's it, and starts a career as a Chess player who has obstacles along the way. The Queen's Gambit mostly takes place in the 1960s, which makes it much more interesting for [...]

OSOC Decoupage Spoons Craft In Celebration of One Story One City join us for some decoupage fun as we transform wooden spoons into an eclectic home décor item. Grab N' Go kits are available at all three branches during regular Curbside hours 10a -5p while supplies last.

Employment Resources: Passing Career Exams

Passing exams that demonstrate relevant education and work-readiness are an important part of many careers, but can be difficult to prepare for on your own. Learning Express Library, available through the Santa Clarita Library website, can help you prepare for these exams. You can find Learning Express through the "Employment resources" link on [...]

Using Iron-on

Cricut 101: Using HTV or Iron on In this blog post, you will learn how to use your Cricut to cut heat transfer vinyl or iron-on and add it to a pouch. The big difference between vinyl and heat transfer vinyl is that you will need a craft heating press [...]

Vikings and Valkyries: 10 Fantasy Recommendations Inspired by Norse Myth

Norse myth and culture have long been an influence on the fantasy genre. Authors continue to interpret and subvert the tropes of Norse fantasy in a multitude of new and interesting ways. This list of ten Norse-inspired fantasy recommendations shows the variety and depth modern writers are bringing to this [...]