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Any person of any age may apply for a library card at the Santa Clarita Public Library.  A card is issued if the person has acceptable identification.

The Santa Clarita Public Library participates in universal borrowing, which, by the California Library Services Act means “the extension by a public library of its direct loan privileges to the eligible borrowers of all other public libraries.”  Those persons whose residence is outside the state of California must pay a card fee.

Customers who are otherwise ineligible for a free library card, can apply for an Internet Use card that allows them to use the Library’s public computers.


  • Juveniles are person under the age of 18, the address and government or school issued photo ID of the parent or guardian constitute identification.
  • Adults, age 18 or older, must present a Government ID or school issued photo ID and verification of mailing address for a new library card. Address can be verified with any piece of mail sent to them at their address with a postmark showing.
  • Out-of-state residents can pay a fee for a card unless they can show proof of a permanent second home (not business) in California.

Acceptable Government issued photo ID:

  • State issued photo ID
  • Consular cards
  • Federal ID including Military or Tribal
  • Passport


Library cards are non-transferable, and it is the customer’s responsibility to monitor the use of his or her own card.  The physical card must be presented at all  library transactions requiring account access. A one-time courtesy lookup will be provided when a customer asks in person with a government or school issued photo identification, if by phone a California Driver License number will be required.

Library customers can assign an additional user to their account. Additional user must present the account holders physical card to use it on behalf of the owner. For children, the parent or guardian must be listed an as additional user to use a child’s library card if the child is not present.

Library cards expire every three years. Customers must verify their account information to staff to renew their library card.


If a card is reported lost or stolen, or it is damaged, a fee will be charged for its replacement.

Account must be in good standing before a replacement can be issued. Fees and account information will remain when a new card number is issued. Government or school issued photo identification is required to issue an adult replacement card. Juvenile replacement cards will be issued with an approved ID or authorizing parent present.


Kindergarten – 12th grade teachers employed by public or private schools within the Santa Clarita Valley may apply for a Teacher’s Card which will allow them to borrow up to 50 items and access all databases. Applicants must provide contact information and demonstrate proof of employment at a local K-12 school. The Teacher Card is intended for borrowing classroom materials only. Personal materials must be checked out with a personal library card account. Loan periods, renewal privileges and fines are the same for Teacher Cards as for all other Santa Clarita Public Library card accounts. Teacher Cards will be revoked if misused.