Any person of any age may apply for a library card at the Santa Clarita Public Library.  A card is issued if the person has acceptable identification.

The Santa Clarita Public Library participates in universal borrowing, which, by the California Library Services Act means “the extension by a public library of its direct loan privileges to the eligible borrowers of all other public libraries.”  Those persons whose residence is outside the state of California must pay a card fee.

Customers who are otherwise ineligible for a free library card, can apply for a computer card that allows them to use the Library’s public computers and wireless network.  Cards issued for computer access only are valid for one month.


In order to determine that the person does not possess a Santa Clarita Public Library card, first check all ID numbers in Borrowers Services for any duplicate entries.  After it has been verified that the person does not currently possess a library card, the following ID must be presented:

  1. Juvenile (defined as a person under the age of 18)
    The address, ID and signature of the parent or guardian on the application constitute identification.
  2. Adult (defined as a person age 18 or older)
    Identification (who they are) and verification of address are to be presented before issuing a new library card.  Adults identifying themselves as students must verify a second address in addition to and other than their school residence address.  This address can be the parent’s home address.
  3. Out-of-state residents are required to pay for a visitors (fee) card unless they can show proof of a permanent second home (not business) in California.
  4. Shut-in customers can call or write the Library or send a friend or relative to pickup an application and reader profile form or obtain an application via the Santa Clarita Public Library website.


Once the registration information has been entered the card is handed to the new borrower to sign.  If a child is unable to sign, the parent or guardian may sign for them.  The staff person then explains the first time item limit, circulation periods and system-wide card use.  The cards are non-transferable, and it is the customer’s responsibility to monitor the use of his or her own card.  The card must be presented each time materials are checked out.  Staff will provide a customer a courtesy lookup one (1) time with proper identification.


If a card is reported lost or stolen, or it is damaged, a fee will be charged for its replacement.

Identification must be presented before an adult replacement card can be issued.  A juvenile replacement library card will be issued immediately if the youth is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and ID is presented.  If the youth is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian then the juvenile application must be taken home to be filled out completely including ID number.  Juvenile application must be on file when replacing a library card.