Meeting Room FAQ

Reservations and policy information for Library Community Room rentals can be obtained by calling the City of Santa Clarita’s Facilities Reservations at 661-250-3710.

It is the policy of the Santa Clarita Public Library to allow public, private, and non-profit organizations use of Library meeting rooms, conference rooms and other public rooms within the Library as space and availability permit for purposes that enhance the Library’s educational, cultural, and civic mission in serving the community.


The use of Library meeting spaces by public and private groups is subordinate to the operating requirements of the Santa Clarita Public Library and, in all cases, will be permitted only when not in conflict with ongoing Library-sponsored activities, including activities of the Friends of the Library.  Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  Permission to use the facilities in no way implies endorsement of the meetings or activities conducted in these facilities, except when the event is sponsored by the Library.

Booking of Library meeting room space, including meeting rooms and study rooms, shall be the prerogative of the staff of the branch Library facility in accordance with the guidelines and rules of the City of Santa Clarita for the use of its public spaces.


  1. A Meeting Room Reservation Application must be filed at least two weeks, but no sooner than three months before the date of the event.  All fees are to be paid at the time the application is submitted.
  2. The use of Library meeting rooms will be granted in the order of receipt of applications and is not transferable.  Reservations are not confirmed until the application has been signed by the appropriate Library administrator and returned to the organization representative.
  3. Due to demand by community groups and Library-sponsored programs, organizations requiring guaranteed regular time slots cannot be accommodated.
  4. The person who signed the Meeting Room Reservation Application must leave identification while their group is using the room.  Preferred identification is a Library card.  This person will notify Library staff when the meeting is over, verify that the room has been returned to its original condition and configuration, and give the number of participants at the meeting.
  5. Facilities are available only during open hours.  Facilities may be used outside of regular hours with prior approval of the City Librarian.  Additional conditions and fees may apply.
  6. To receive a full reservation fee refund, cancellations need to be made at least one week in advance of the event.  Users making cancellations within one week of the event will be assessed a cancellation fee of 50%.
  7. Organizations using the meeting room agree to assume full liability and responsibility for damage to persons, equipment, or property, and will purchase Insurance Certificates and endorsements from the City of Santa Clarita or from a private insurance agent, and must list the City of Santa Clarita, its officers, employees, and volunteers as additional insured.  Policy limits shall be a minimum of $1,000,000 combined single limits unless otherwise required by the City.  Certificate of Insurance is due one week prior to the event.
  8. The serving of alcohol must be approved by the City of Santa Clarita at least thirty (30) days prior to the function date.  Evidence of proper insurance is required prior to approval.
    1. Alcohol may only be served and consumed within the confines of a “reserved” indoor meeting room, or enclosed gated space.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages cannot take place in a lobby, parking lot, or restroom area.  Applicants desiring to serve alcoholic beverages must read and sign an Alcoholic Regulations Form, agree to abide by all regulations listed, and obtain and pay for General Liability Insurance.
    2. Meeting room users that charge a fee to serve alcohol, or charge an admission fee and serve alcohol, must obtain a temporary sales permit from the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and a copy of the permit must be provided to the City one week prior to the event.
  9. Groups/Organizations, which involve minors, are expected to provide adequate adult supervision.
  10. The name, address, and telephone number of the Library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of any group using the meeting room or publicized in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship or endorsement of the group and its activities.
  11. When the use of a City facility is by any group that provides “advice, assistance, sales or descriptions of financial alternatives,” the group must:
    1. Provide proof of license such as State Bar license, Insurance license, or Securities license.
    2. Print a disclaimer on all fliers and advertising for the event that states, in 12 point type:  “The City of Santa Clarita is not sponsoring or endorsing this program or any goods or services offered.”
  12. Each group reserving a meeting room at a Library facility must agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing such use and to pay all fees and costs that might be required.  Denial of an organization’s meeting room privileges will be enforced if there is abuse of the meeting room policy and rules.


  1. Fees are charged and must be paid at the time the application is submitted.  Fees for meeting room reservations are established in the City of Santa Clarita Fee Schedule.
  2. If the facility should require additional cleaning or repairs following a scheduled use, the organization will be charged to cover any such costs.


Each group will be responsible for set-up, take down and clean-up.  Users need to allow enough time within their reservation period to accomplish these tasks.  Meeting rooms are to be returned to their original condition and configuration.

Equipment, supplies, or personal effects cannot be stored or left in the Library meeting rooms before or after use.

After the meeting, the person who signed the application and left their identification must meet with a Library staff member to verify that the room has been returned to their original condition and configuration, record the number of participants at the meeting, and have their identification returned.

Groups are expected to conclude their meeting and return the room to their original condition and configuration by the time the Library closes.

Denial of an organization’s meeting room privileges will be enforced if there is abuse of the meeting room policy and rules.