“Career One Stop” for Job Search Tools and Worker Reemployment

//“Career One Stop” for Job Search Tools and Worker Reemployment

Are you looking for a new job or seeking to re-enter the workforce after a layoff? Don’t know where to begin, or what resources are available to help you?

The Santa Clarita Library website can be a starting place for career resources.

Through the library’s website, you can access Career One Stop in the “Career Resources” section. This handy resource allows users to expand their job search by searching for openings in the “Business Finder” search feature. Here, users can enter their zip code and a relevant search keyword(s) to look for job openings in their field. For example, users may enter “Retail Services” or “Human Resources” to search for jobs in these fields, while narrowing down the list of offerings through their zip code. The search feature will yield a list of businesses and/or services in the user’s location. Links are provided which the users can follow to find further information on job openings that interest them. For each job opening, the user will see the “Business Name,” a brief “Description,” “Employees,” and “Distance.” According to the Career One Stop website, their Business Finder “includes contact information for more than 12 million employers,” (Career One Stop, 2020).

Need help paying the bills in between more permanent positions? You may want to consider temporary positions to supplement your income during the search for your ideal job. Employment agencies and staffing firms can help put you in contact with temp positions in your area. “These are entities paid by employers to recruit qualified workers for time-limited projects. There are several types of employment services that can assist your job search,” (Career One Stop, 2020). Temporary, also known as “temp” agencies, often specialize in short-term clerical or support work. But they may also have opportunities in other areas, such as accounting or information technology.Contract services firms receive job orders from clients and assign individuals to fulfill the terms of the contract. These assignments may last until the work order expires, which could be from several weeks to a year or more,” (Career One Stop, 2020). By contrast, permanent employment agencies, also known as recruiters, are “hired by employers to identify and recommend candidates for permanent employment positions. Recruiters are often used for specific, hard-to-fill executive or technical roles,” (Career One Stop, 2020).

For more help finding jobs and related resources, consider working with an American Job Center. How can an American Job Center help you? “These centers feature career counselors who can provide help and guidance, usually at no charge, either one-on-one or through classes, workshops, or job search clubs,” (Career One Stop, 2020). According to the Career One Stop website, there are nearly 2400 American Job Centers nationwide that can help put you in contact with job openings and training, as well as answer your questions about employment-related topics. The Career One Stop website can provide a list of American Job Centers close to your location when you provide your zip code. Due to COVID-19, many American Job Centers are temporarily closed or have moved to online-only services. You can call or email your nearest Center for information on their current services. Use the phone number or contact information provided on Career One Stop to contact your nearest Center.

Don’t forget to explore the “Career Resources” section of the Santa Clarita Library website for further information on job search tools and employment resources.

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