Worlds of Whimsy November Book Club Review: Finna by Nino Cipri

//Worlds of Whimsy November Book Club Review: Finna by Nino Cipri

Finna by Nino Cipri

In the world of soul crushing retail jobs, working at a big box furniture store is the pits. To top it off, our main character has just suffered a break up with a fellow employee; but it should be fine they both work different schedules, right?
Except Derrick, called out sick.

That’s the worst that could happen right?  I mean it can’t possibly be worse than awkward conversations with your ex at work, right?

Wrong. Apparently, wormholes appear in this IKEA knockoff of a store, and an elderly customer has wandered into another dimension. So, our heroine and her ex are sent out to find and retrieve this lost customer, hopefully before the company has to pay them overtime.

Interdimensional shenanigans are afoot in this delightful spoof from the modern era; it’s an LEGBTIA+ novella that is fast paced and fun. The only complaint, it’s a novella and it’s painfully short. This could easily be a full-fledged novel, and it’s sad that the adventure ended so soon. But there is hope on the horizon, as there is a planned book two in the future.

So, if you enjoy science fiction, and shaking your fist at the evils of capitalism, Finna might just be a book you should check out.

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